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Shell convert tours Barcelona is a licensed travel agency with over 15 years of experience, based in Barcelona. We have professional advice, customized local support and custom-made events. We can take care of anything related to your trip to Barcelona and can organize all hotel reservations for your party as well as tours and excursions, transportation, dinners and activities.

Sometimes our clients ask us advice and we are always open to support, we are able to build memories and emotions!


Barcelona is world most famous city for travelling.

We can help you in making your trip remember able. 

WHAT We Offer

Luxury tour for single perosn

We deliver luxurious recreational experiences and tailor-made special packages for individual travel to Spain. When you are not interested in the regular tourist routes that fly to Spain and want special V.I.P. service, we will build for you an exciting individual experience.

We provide Guide For Your Trip

Every tour require a tour guide. We can provide tour guides who are experienced and has all the knowledge of Barcelona spain.


We have our own buses which we used for your travelling. These are very modern looking buses and has all the features and facilities required for a trip.


We can visit you a place where you can enjoy a beautiful sky walk with your couple or family in the balloon, the experience is held in Cardedey city 30 minutes away from Barcelona


We have a collaboration with different hotels for accomodation who can provide concession and give you luxurious experience.


We have guards who can protect you and take care of your luggage. So you don’t have to worry about any thing. 

We can provide you expert guides

We have over 30 tour expert guides who can guide you and give your full information about city.

Photo Gallery Of Barcelona

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